Annabelle Wraithia


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Annabelle Wraithia


Date of Death: 10/13/47

Favorite Dessert: Wedding Cake

Favorite Color: Something Blue

Favorite Past Time: Haunting the trash dump

Case History: Her ghastly wailing has been known to drive the unlucky passerby insane.

Product Description
Annabelle’s pre-dump existence was a short one. She and a groom bear were part of a centerpiece at a wedding reception. After the festivities ended our bear bride fell off the decoration and was left behind by the partygoers. She wound up at the dump shortly after. Tragedy struck once again as Annabelle was unable to escape from her trash bag. She was scooped up and destroyed in
the incinerator.

Though her body was destroyed, her spirit lives on. Annabelle now haunts the dump. She’ll interact with the other bears at times, usually in a helpful way. She is a sweet, loving specter, but Annabelle has an underlining sadness about her. Being trapped between two worlds isn’t easy. She also longs to be reunited with her groom. His whereabouts are unknown.
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Additional Information

Collections Teddy Scares
Material Sterling Silver

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