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Panda Snack (Retired)

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The panda is different from other bears because they don’t eat meat, honey, or berries; their diet is almost exclusively bamboo. Indeed, the average panda eats 20-30 pounds of bamboo shoots and leaves per day. Bamboo shoots have limited nutrients, so our gentle panda lives a quiet life to conserve their energy; though, unlike other bears, they don’t hibernate.

They pretty much eat ALL the time. That means plenty of PANDA SNACKS: more bamboo, of course.

Have you ever eaten something so obsessively that you made yourself sick of it? Pandas never get tired of bamboo. But our OHM panda has learned to build some variety into their restrictive single food source diet: bamboo stir-fry, bamboo dumplings, braised bamboo, steamed bamboo, bamboo wontons, and spring bamboo rolls, sweet-and-sour bamboo, General Zhao bamboo... you get the idea.

A bamboo gourmet!

Our OHM panda is proud of their Chinese heritage too, as you can see by their Mandarin-style hat and Tangzhuang jacket. If you love pandas, Chinese food, or passionately loving anything so MUCH -- a song, a movie, a color, a flavor -- that you never, ever get tired of it, then our Panda Snack is especially for you. Anywhere, anytime, have another taste.


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