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Move About

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We've always been on the move. Make it as easy for yourself as possible to get out and about. The compact cassette was developed in 1963, making it possible to listen to music on portable devices, but the machines were cumbersome. Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka used Sony's bulky TC-D5 cassette recorder to listen to music while traveling, and he wanted something better. He asked employee Norio Ohga to design a playback-only stereo version optimized for headphone use. The first Walkman went on sale in Japan in 1979.

Throughout the 1980s, sales of the Walkman skyrocketed worldwide and had a significant influence on popular culture. Millions of plugged-in people used the Walkman to exercise, coinciding with the '80's aerobics craze.

The Walkman changed people's relationship to music and technology as users could now listen solitarily to their own choices rather than through a radio or a boombox. The Walkman's portability (it fit in bags and pockets) and total privacy (a headphone jack but no speakers) is credited as the precursor to the "personal" tech of today, like your phone.

Eventually, the Walkman changed with the times from cassette tapes to compact discs and ultimately surrendered to rival Apple's iPod. Still, a new "hip" generation has rediscovered the retro-cool of 1980's tech and given the iconic Walkman new life, new twists, and a clever new attitude.

OHM joins this revolution with our own stylish, maximum cool, vintage 1980s cassette player. This brilliant bead hangs by the headphones on your bracelet and dances with you through your aerobics workout "Sweatin' to the Oldies." Like the ubiquitous Walkman of the past, this bead will quickly go with you everywhere: walking, jogging, commuting, cycling, even rollerblading! You might be tempted to snap in your favorite mix. MOVE AROUND, you can't beat it!


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