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The MANDALA is a spiritual and ritual symbol in the Indian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jain Dharma, which can represent the universe. Mandalas are often used as a focus in meditation. The mandala becomes the realm of Pure Thought, and the meditator contemplates the mandala until the image becomes fully internalized in the minutest detail; thus, making the meditating mind a "microcosm of the divine powers at work in the universe."

Ancient Mayans made their calendars in a mandala form. To teach the impermanence of life, Buddhists spend hours making intricate mandalas of sand and then, in an instant, brush them aside or wash them away with water. Mandalas were reintroduced to Western thought by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who explored the idea that mandalas represented the unconscious mind seeking balance and order in moments of intense personal growth.

Our OHM MANDALA is a complete sphere, with the intricate Mandala pattern shifting from the Flower of Life on one side into a literal flower on the opposite side. The Flower of Life also has ancient spiritual significance. It consists of overlapping six-sided flower designs that are regarded by many throughout history as a visual expression of the interconnectedness of all living things. From ancient Egypt to the Middle East to Asia, carefully carved Flowers of Life can be found on temples dating back thousands of years.

Enjoy our OHM MANDALA on your bracelet for its delicate, fascinating beauty, but also a daily reminder to yourself that you are not alone. You are an integral petal in the flower of life's interconnection, and your mind carries the divine creative powers of the universe itself. Go ahead, release your potential.


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