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Memories In Sand

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The poet Marinela Reka said, "Memories are like antiques; the older they are, the more valuable they become." Sometimes memories, like those antiques, can get a little faded and dusty, so we seek to keep them vivid with photo albums, diaries, scrapbooks, retold stories, or perhaps a treasured silver bead on your bracelet.

Take this OHM design MEMORIES IN THE SAND as an example. Does it recall for you a favorite day on the beach, perhaps in childhood, running barefoot on the warm sand laughing carefree and full of life?

Is this a memory your pet dreams as it murmurs in its sleep, a dream of running wildly in the sand to fetch the driftwood floating on the surf's edge, or to watch the seagulls rise in a fluttering, a squawking cloud of feathers?

Or is it YOUR cherished memory of a beloved pet or a recent moment of jogging on the beach with your best friend, watching them gallop gleefully across the sand? Long past or relatively recent, those paw prints in sand are a reminder of joy etched upon your heart.

Add this gleaming memory on your bracelet to touch and fondly relive it whenever you need to see a friendly furry face, big adoring eyes, a wagging tail, and paws leaving a trail for your soul to follow.


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