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Time Machine

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When you wear TIME MACHINE on your bracelet, you have an adorable little device to empower your imagination to travel forward or backward to anywhere in time. Where will you go? Will you revisit your past to your first bashful kiss, your first bicycle, or any of your favorite childhood memories? Or will you go further back to Camelot, ancient Egypt, or the Renaissance; To the Han Dynasty, the great flood, or when Dinosaurs roamed the earth?

The Time Machine is a science fiction novel written by H.G. Wells, published in 1895, and is usually credited with the concept of time travel using a vehicle or device to purposefully and selectively travel forward and backward through time. The book was made into several popular films in 1962, 1979, and 2002. The British TV show Doctor Who utilizes a time-traveling space ship called TARDIS that resembles a police phone booth, but could take any number of forms if it hadn't gotten stuck.

Maybe you want to go forward into the future to see your great-great grandchildren or flying cars or cities under the sea? It’s all at your fingertips with your own little TIME MACHINE. Just set the year/month/day dials on the dashboard, fire up the engine, grab the lever and let's go!


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