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Anger (Retired) - last piece

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The Seven Deadly Sins is a collection of vices that achieved infamy because they are sins that directly give rise to ALL other sins. They are classified as “deadly” because these sins are abuses or excessive versions of natural human needs and passions.

The 7 Deadly Sins have been an important moral lesson throughout history, such as in Dante’s Inferno, where sinners are grouped and punished in Purgatory according to their sins. Even today, priests and preachers use the concept of the “deadly” sins to help people curb their inclinations before dire consequences and other misdeeds can occur.

Anger is uncontrolled feelings of rage or even hatred. Anger can create feelings and feuds that pass on for centuries, long after the original wrong is forgotten. The humorist Will Rogers once said, “People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.” Perhaps the most deadly form of anger is the feeling of being wronged that turns to violent vengeance, or as author Dorothy L. Sayers wrote, “The love of justice perverted to revenge and spite.” The bead of ANGER rages on every side; with hot flames, spikes, sharp teeth, glaring eyes, flared nostrils, a furious horned beast, and a jagged shattering from a foot or fist. If this bead got any angrier it would leap off your bracelet!


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