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EU OHMbeads

Crikey The Croc (Retired)

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Catch an Australian by surprise, and you'll get a "Crikey!" An Aussie's way of saying "OMG!" The exclamation was made famous worldwide by Australian TV personality and wildlife expert, Steve Irwin, nicknamed "The Crocodile Hunter."

There's a lot to be amazed about when it comes to crocodiles. Crocodiles have sharp eyesight, excellent night vision, and sensory nerves in their skin that allow them to sense the slightest vibration in the water. They have superb hearing, a keen sense of smell, underwater vision, and the most powerful bite of any animal on Earth.

Crocs are fast, even on land. They are wicked smart; using tricks, they lure their prey in for the kill. Talk about a formidable Crocodile Hunter!

Our OHM crocodile is so clever that he has even learned to throw a boomerang. He also looks stylish in his Crocodile Hunter hat.
But be careful when you let CRIKEY curl around your bracelet; he may be smiling, but that charming grin reveals rows of dangerous teeth. If he does, you'll know what to exclaim!


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