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EU OHMbeads

Here For The Boos

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Why does a ghost say "Boooo"?

Our adorable little ghost knows the power of "Boos" for Halloween, and he is not alone in his love of spirits! Today, Halloween is second only to Christmas in expenditures on food, parties, decorations, costumes, sweets, and libations.

There are wondrous concoctions created just for this spooky holiday:
A pumpkin spiced liqueur or pumpkin beer, a dry-ice-infused ghostly cocktail, black magic Jello shots, glow-in-the-dark margaritas, or spiced rum and ciders, and of course, the ghastly classic Bloody Mary. It's all downright scary!

Whether you too adore chilling spirits and bubbling brews or prefer your "boos" less frightening and perhaps nonalcoholic, you will love adding our party-hearty ghost to your bracelet collection!

Linguists believe that the expression "booo" is simply a sharp, loud, mighty syllable perfect for making somebody jump! But not all ghosts speak English.

If you want to frighten someone in Spain, you shout "Uuh" (which is pronounced "Oooh" in English). In Dutch it's "boe," in Japanese it's "baa," and in Czech "baf," you get the idea.

Of course, you may be most familiar with the long, quavering version, Booooooooooo!

This ghostly character, based on the original OHM design Ghost of Marley, your new friend, he's just here to giggle, guzzle, feel good, and help you have fun too! He knows this party is BYOB (Bring Your Own Boos). He is ready and willing to lift your spirits!

Raise your glass, or pop another cold one, to the boos!


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