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Same Same, But Different BOTM

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In 2013 you were invited to our Thanksgiving feast where we served a traditional American turkey on the platter. And boy did you gobble that gobbler up fast! In 2014 we invited you to the after party. Same Same, but Different..... So many of you were craving our Turkey Platter from 2013, but because it was Limited Edition, we couldn't make more (well we could, but we decided to stick to our word #‎novelidea).

Now we see the Same Same Ohmily sitting down to feast on some sterling silver goodness. Same platter, same family, same love ..... but we changed the recipe a bit. You be the judge. Bon Appetite!

1 Turkey Platter
1 Tom Turkey
2 Hipster Hops
2 Bacon
1 Lilac Memories
Nuts & Berries to taste

Brine Tom with hipster hops, rosemary, and thyme overnight.
Preheat conventional oven to 555°.
Drain Tom. Pat dry. Place on rack. Fill cavity with Nuts & Berries, wrap in Bacon, dress with Lilac Memories. Bake with love for 2-4 hours, or until fully oxidized.
Let stand 30 minutes. Place on Turkey Platter. Serve with Blackbird Pie, Dangling Weiners, Assaulted Pretzels, and Mulled Cider or Cold Milk. Carve and enjoy!


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