OHM Original Beadmail is a monthly subscription program created especially for bead lovers and collectors who love excitement AND peace of mind. Every month subscribers will receive a new limited edition bead straight to their mailbox.


These are some of the OHM Beadmail photos our subscribers have shared on social media.



OHM Beadmail program will bring your excitement of bead collecting to the next level. It will give you the peace of mind of knowing your bead budget and hassle-free shopping experience.


Don't take our word for it. Hear what our subscribers say

"I have enjoyed the first year as an OG Beadmail Early Adopter. It has been full of wonderful surprises and lots of fun. I am looking forward to what the next year brings!"

"I love getting a surprise beadmail each month. Plus, sharing in the surprise and anticipation of the reveal with other beadmail subscribers is half the fun. Some of the designs have absolutely blown me away and I would have been heartbroken to miss out on them."

"It’s a cool concept! I do love that so much thought is put into making the beads. I love the backstories and learning."

"It is fun receiving a special surprise in the mail each month! As an adult, it is hard to have that little kid at Christmas feeling and this program gives me that feeling."

"Any bead lover would find these beads fun to play with."



Ready to join our Beadmail community? 

We currently offer three types of Beadmail,

  • Original Beadmail - Sterling silver beads, but sometimes we may surprise you with stone beads.

  • GOTM (Glass Of The Month)  - Handmade glass beads with sterling silver cores.

  • OROQ (Rock of the Quarter)  - Rocks, natural or artificial stone, with sterling silver cores. [Quarterly subscriptions open January, April, July, and October.]


  • €65 monthly subscription (recurring charge)  - You can pause or cancel any time

  • €85 quarterly subscription (recurring charge)