Levels of Loyalty

OHMEU Points

Check out all the OHMmazing ways to earn rewards with OHM below. Already logged in? Check out the pink widget in the lower left corner of your browser.

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  • Make a Purchase

    1 OHMEU points per €1 spent

  • Create an Account

    555 OHMEU points

  • Submit a Review on your purchase

    111 OHMEU points

  • Instagram Follow

    555 OHMEU points

  • Enter your birthday

    Gift card 20€

  • Choose Amount (€40+ order min.)

    €5 per 555 OHMbucks (€40+ order min.)

    €11 per 1111 OHMbucks (€80+ order min.)

  • Different Rewars

    We offer different rewards by time.

    Remember to check your pink block.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find my OHMEU Points?

There is a pink "button" at the bottom right of the website that says "OHMEU points." Clicking this will pop-over your screen and show your OHMEU points balance and options for claiming rewards. 

How do I redeem my OHMEU points for a discount?

Open the widget in the lower right-hand corner, find the reward you want to redeem under the "Available Rewards" section, click the ​ button to spend your OHMbucks, and receive a coupon code. You must apply your code in the "Gift card of discount code" section of your shopping cart at checkout. Some items may need to be added to your cart for the code to work, such as free items.

Is my discount code applied automatically?

No, when you view your shopping cart there is a tab called "apply discount code" where you can paste the code you receive. 

I redeemed points for a coupon, can I reverse my coupon back to points?

No, once you've selected a reward your points cannot be reinstated. 

I am missing some OHMbucks, what do I do?

Please email eu@ohmbeads.com with a description of the problem. Be sure to include your My OHM account email address and any other pertinent information (e.g., coupon code, order number, etc.). 

Will my OHMEU points expire?

Yes, OHMEU points expire after one year of inactivity. 

When can I add my birthday?

Once you reach Level ONE you will see the option to add your birthday in your OHMEU points widget. Look under the "Earn OHMbucks" section. 

Can I return my coupon once I've spent my OHMEU points on it?

No, once OHMEU points are spent they are non-returnable.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. There is a limit of one account per customer. 

I've switched email accounts. Can I transfer my OHMEU points balance?

OHMEU points are attached to your email account and non-transferable. 

Can I use my OHMEU points on a different website?

No. OHMEU points are nontransferable.