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Henri The Hedgehog (Retired)

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Henri the Hedgehog is from beautiful Chinon, France. A bristly little critter looking like a walking hedge with a pig’s snout. Easily recognized covered in spines, which are actually hollow hairs made stiff with keratin. His spines are not poisonous or barbed nor do they detach from the body like a porcupine; however, baby Henri the Hedgehog did shed his spines to grow adult ones which is called “quilling.”

Henri is also a fairly vocal creature and communicates with his brethren through grunts, snuffles and squeals (rather like a hog again). Hedgehogs are primarily nocturnal and they enjoy sleeping for a large portion of the day under bushes, rocks, or in dens they have dug in the ground. Henri likes to hibernate through the winter. Sound familiar?


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