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Barista Buddy (Retired) - last piece

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Our little hipster chipmunk is just nuts about coffee! OHM's BARISTA BUDDY is so well known at the third-wave forest café that the barista has BB's favorite single-origin ristretto cortado with microfoam acorn milk -- swirled into a mandala -- ready and waiting for them before they even park their bike out the window. Now, that's A Barista, buddy!!

Our OHM hipster would love to chillax for a while, drink from a real cup and saucer, and savor the nutty flavor of his artisan "chipmunkaccino." Perhaps spinning the lastest trap on Beatrice. Beatrice, that's the record player's name.

Are you open to discuss the films of Truffaut and Godar? This nonconformist rodent has places to go and things to do, so, ironically, a disposable traveler's cup will have to suffice. Nonetheless, rest assured, he will recycle it. Recycling totally like works, right?

Watch as they tip their felt fedora to you, their newest bud. This squirrelly punk, beset in retro glasses and a cashmere scarf, is already dashing down the forest path towards the local farmer's market for some kimchi tacos, curly kale, PBR, and avocado everything-else. They may even swing by the thrift shop for some vintage flannel, but no skinny jeans for this kid. Better stock up on some pickled acorns; there is a long year of coffee drinking ahead.

Barista Buddies everywhere, this brew's for you!


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