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Terry P Dactyl Esq( retired )

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TERRY P. DACTYL, Esq. (they/them)

This flying dinosaur was a carnivore, particularly fond of sushi, who lived and worked in large, sophisticated, tightly guarded nesting structures called firms.

Terry P. Dactyl, Esq. had a customized egg-shell business card to prove that they were, in fact, a prehistoric lawyer. Terry’s large membrane wings allowed them to swoop down into any altercation among the Jurassic inhabitants and immediately begin to litigate on behalf of the less powerful party. Their pointed smile gleamed with sharp teeth, their squawk was loud and confident, and they always managed to work both sides to the betterment of all.

Terry was a flashy character, twinkling with jewelry and expensive dental work, dazzling with style. You had to love Mx. Dactyl, but you could never really trust them. The other dinosaurs often told Pterodactyl jokes behind Terry’s back. Maybe they simply need a hug.


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