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Hungry Hippo(Retired)

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HUNGRY HIPPOS gobbled up those marbles. Well, this hippo loves to eat too; but they pride themselves on being a true "foodie." For them, food is recreation; it's a passionate hobby that feeds the mind, mouth, and soul.

Our gastronome hippo devotedly follows the Food Network on TV and faithfully authors a food blog. They pride themselves on a fully-stocked kitchen with all the latest accouterments, including an immersion blender, churro maker, juicer, and kitchen torch to caramelize his brûlées and brown his meringues. This foodie hippo frequents farmer's markets for the freshest produce, follows restaurant openings and reviews, enjoys wine tastings and culinary tourism, and has a library of recipes and cookbooks that he's read a thousand times.

Now they sit eagerly at the table, ready to sample every new creation. Our HUNGRY HIPPO hasn't even removed the chef's hat, the napkin is tied neatly in place, and their knife and fork are firmly in hand for the sumptuous feast ahead. Smell the luscious aroma. Ahhhh. See the artistic plating and the balance of ingredients. Oh, this is going to be sooooooo good!

The great chef Julia Child once said, "People who love to eat are always the best people." HUNGRY HIPPO heartily agrees. Many solid friendships are built around a shared table and a love of good food and conversation. Grab a napkin and pull up a chair. It's hip to share!


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