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You might hear some folks say these days, "I don't need a watch; I have my phone." But phones don't keep you punctual; time does. And it's far more discreet and classy to glance at your watch during a meeting, dinner, or a date than to pull out your phone. Plus, a watch is a wonderful way to express your sense of style with a hint of danger or sporting adventure, funky fun, techno gadgetry, retro-cool, or shimmering elegance and stylish success.

The wristwatch goes back to the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth l of England presented with a wristwatch by Sir Robert Dudley called it a "bracelet watch." Wristwatches were worn almost exclusively by women of the time, while men carried pocket watches. World War l changed this dynamic when soldiers in the field found it more practical to keep their timepieces on their wrists to synchronize maneuvers. Even today, a watch will give you years of maintenance-free time-telling compared to those eight hours on one cellular telephone device charge.

A watch is more than a time-keeper. It's a symbol of tradition encased in a showpiece of ingenious craftsmanship. OHM is proud to add our ingenuity to this brilliant lineage and invites you to WATCH THIS. The handsome face based upon a classic Italian design will be forever holding a moment for you take whenever you need it. The silver watchband is a vintage rivet-link style made famous by the world's most coveted timepieces on history's most famous wrists. When you step out wearing this watch on your bracelet, know that you have time, this time now.


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