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Two Peas In A Pod

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You are not alone. You have a partner in life. There are so many types of relationships on this planet. As partners in this life, you commit to seeing each other through the hard times and celebrating the highs. You could have chosen them: a spouse, a pet, a BFF, a coworker, a friend. They could have been assigned to you: a parent, a sibling, a godfather, a dorm mate. OHM's TWO PEAS IN A POD can be seen as a connection to one person in particular. However, it may symbolize two people you are close to and how they relate, or it could be you and another shifting identity depending on what you think when you look at your wrist at that moment. (Are you always on top or bottom?) Of course, it could be all of the above! There is no limit to your imagination. Each pea moves independently within the pod and depending on when you look. You will see different faces or no faces at all. What could it mean?


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