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Cherry Blossoms

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The cherry blossom, “sakura” in Japan, often symbolize clouds and the impermanence of life. They bloom en masse in billowing bursts of white blossoms edged in pink, filling the trees with fragrance. Soon, they will disappear as quickly as they arrived.

Every year, the Japanese Meteorological Agency tracks the “sakura zensen” or “cherry blossom front” along with the weather forecast. The public follows the progress of the blooming trees from Okinawa in January, to Kyoto and Tokyo near the first of April. The Japanese pay close attention to these forecasts and turn out in large numbers to greet the blossoms at parks, shrines, temples, flower festivals, or flower-viewing parties with family and friends.

Cherry blossoms also embody the concept of “mono no aware” which translates as “a sensitivity to the transience of things.” Because cherry blossoms arrive with such bursts of exquisite beauty but fade just as quickly, they teach the Japanese to gracefully accept the briefness of our own beautiful existence, our karma, our mortality. The Japanese say that an awareness of the brevity of all things heightens the appreciation of their beauty and evokes a gentle sadness at their passing. Because cherry blossoms fall from the tree after only a week or so, they perfectly embody “mono no aware.”

Now this beautiful and symbolic cloud of cherry blossoms adorns your OHM bracelet, to remind you that life and love are precious, and every day, every experience can be appreciated to its fullest.


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