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Eye Love

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When you love something, you love it intensely; you love to explore every nuance and to delve deep to the very core, to the microscopic level.

The compound microscope -- with a lens near the specimen and an eyepiece to view the image -- was invented in 1620. Some folks give Galileo the credit (he called his device the occhiolino or little eye). Biologists began to use the microscope to discover and study cells, and micro-organisms too tiny for the naked eye. Today, we have electron microscopes with even higher resolution and digital microscopes connected to computers; we can explore the microscopic world with our amazing little eyes! And we love that!

Wear our OHM microscope bead, EYE LOVE, because we know you really DO love examining all of your passions in spectacular detail. Especially these tiny works of art called beads. That’s how you love -- that’s how you see things. We have an eye for detail too.


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