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Critical Hit

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In life, as in D&D, there is always another roll to change your luck. A critical hit is coming. The Kraken glanced you with a critical miss. Your quick response and wits will serve you in your response. Cast again and see what you hit.

Dice date back to Ancient Egypt, there various types of dice for telling fortunes, playing games, or gambling. Recorded in ancient Biblical and Buddist texts, among many, there are references to casting lots.

In 1974, the Medieval fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons was created and the Icosahedron, 20-sided die, was an essential element of gameplay. As wizards, rogues, paladins, and druids who have battled in D&D already know, the D20 determines who strikes first and how accurate is that strike. You live and die by the whims of chance.

CRITICAL HIT by OHM pays homage to that best of lucky rolls -- with sacred geOHMetry comes a sacred blessing -- may you find your adversaries most vulnerable points and deal double damage. Wear CRITICAL HIT on your bracelet and look forward every day to every roll of life.

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