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Didgeridoo( retired )

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The didgeridoo is played with continuously vibrating lips and a special breathing technique called circular breathing: drawing air in through the nose while maintaining a sustained, virtuoso kaleidoscope of timbres. Playing the didgeridoo and singing during ceremonial occasions is traditional and the precise rhythms of the didgeridoo are passed down over many generations.

The didgeridoo is a simple wooden wind instrument developed by the Indigenous Aboriginal peoples of Northern Australia. This hollow wooden trumpet, or drone pipe, can measure from 3 ft to 10 ft long -- the longer the instrument the deeper the sound -- and is usually made from the trunk of the native eucalyptus tree. Traditional didgeridoo makers seek a live tree that has substantial termite activity. The termites eat the heartwood of the tree, and the didgeridoo maker peels back the bark and taps on the tree to see if the hollow sound is suitable for making it into an instrument.

In celebration of this Australian heritage, OHM is proud to present our new DIDGERIDOO design.


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