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Tomte Gnome

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The Tomte (in Swedish) or Nisse (in Danish) is one of the most popular creatures in Scandinavian folklore. According to tradition, the Tomte Gnome lives in the houses and barns of a farm, and secretly acts as its guardian. If treated well by the family -- it is customary to leave out a bowl of porridge with butter, especially at Christmas -- then the Tomte Gnome will protect the farm and its animals. He may even magically help with the chores. #wecanonlyhope But, if offended by the farmer, the Gnome will play mean tricks, make items disappear, or bring misfortune. Despite his small size, the Tomte possesses enormous strength, can make himself invisible, and sometimes he bites. So, be kind and kindness will find you.

Are you a part of OHMily? Then perhaps YOU could design the next OHM bead! This Tomte Gnome bead was designed as part of our fun collaboration with fans of OHM beads called #OHMLAB. OHM solicits ideas from our fans -- you, the OHMies -- then, we will choose one lucky fan's design idea to be developed and manufactured into an actual OHM bead. How cool is THAT!?

So get busy OHMies, let us know your ideas! The next OHM bead design could be yours!


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