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Envy (Retired)

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The Seven Deadly Sins is a collection of vices that achieved infamy because they are sins that directly give rise to ALL other sins. They are classified as “deadly” because these sins are abuses or excessive versions of natural human needs and passions.

The 7 Deadly Sins have been an important moral lesson throughout history, such as in Dante’s Inferno, where sinners are grouped and punished in Purgatory according to their sins. Even today, priests and preachers use the concept of the “deadly” sins to help people curb their inclinations before dire consequences and other misdeeds can occur.

Malicious envy is similar to jealousy. Both feel discontent toward someone else’s traits, status, abilities, or rewards; but envy also yearns to acquire what it covets and desires. Dante described envy as “a desire to deprive other men of theirs.” Thomas Aquinas wrote of envy’s poisonous joy at another’s misfortune and its grief at another’s prosperity. This OHM design is tangled in the hissing coils of its venomous viper of ENVY. A restless, searching, covetous eye looks hungrily at other people’s beauty, talent, clothing, relationships, promotions, and riches, wanting enviously to take what they have. There’s even a Freudian form of envy.


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