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OG Kun (Retired)

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OHM Gnomes live in many different countries with different cultures, just like humans. One thing that Gnomes all over the world have in common is their red pointy hats. This OHM Gnome couple is from Japan.

Our OHM Gnomes are wearing the best known traditional fashion in Japan: the kimono (which literally translates as “something to wear”). Japanese kimonos are wrapped around the body, often in many layers, secured in place with sashes, ties, and a wide cloth belt called an “obi”. There are kimono schools specifically built to teach all these multiple steps and layers of wearing the kimono properly. Originally, kimonos were made of hemp or linen. Today, silk is considered the ideal fabric for a kimono.

OG KUN - Our handsome Gnome gentleman wears the male version of the silk kimono which includes a thigh-length jacket called the “haori”, which is worn open in front but held in place by a white cord that attaches to the lapels. He also wears a “hakama” over his kimono. which is a long, pleated skirt, sometimes designed with divided legs like trousers. OG KUN’s obi is much narrower than a woman’s, and is similar to the type worn by those who practice martial arts.

We could call him our gnome gentleman OG San with respect; but the more informal suffix for men and boys in Japan is “Kun” especially among friends of equal age and status. He’s our friend, so we'll call him OG KUN. The Japanese and the OHM Gnomes are famous for their generous hospitality. Please remove your shoes and join them for a hot cup of tea.


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