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Eat Me

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A hanging tag with the inscription "Eat Me.” You’ll recall, at the very beginning of Alice’s adventure, she chases a mysterious White Rabbit and tumbles down a deep, deep hole. In a room with many doors there is a golden key that fits only the smallest of doors. After drinking a strange liquid and shrinking down able to fit though the door, Alice realizes she had forgotten to hang onto the key when she shrunk. Now it was out of reach on the tabletop.

Alice sees a little glass box under the table which contains a tiny cake and the words "Eat Me". Apparently someone had foreseen her dilemma and supplied a potential reverse course. Sure enough, Alice gobbles the cake and begins to grow and grow until her head touches the ceiling. She can now grab the precious gold key. With both bottle and cake box empty, thankfully the effects of the cake are only temporary and to Alice’s surprise, she begins to shrink again until she can escape through the miniature unlocked door into a beautiful garden.

We celebrate this adventure with our OHM hanging tag EAT ME. It goes perfectly with the Alice in Wonderland collection. OR where else would you want a bead to scream EAT ME!? Oh the choices are endless!


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