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Lime (Retired)

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Wild limes were first grown in Indonesia or Southeast Asia around two thousand years ago, and today, limes are still an important part of Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Mexican cuisine. Dried limes are favored as a seasoning in Persian and Iraqi cuisine. The two most popular breeds of lime are the thin-skinned Persian lime (that’s probably the one at your grocer) and the tart Mexican lime, also called the Key Lime, which makes a wonderful American dessert, Key Lime Pie. In Australia, limes are used to make marmalade.

Limes are a great source of Vitamin C, and in the 19th century, British sailors were issued a daily allowance of limes to prevent scurvy. This was a closely guarded military secret, as the ability to remain at sea for long periods while maintaining healthy crews was a distinct naval advantage. Eventually, British sailors earned the nickname “Limeys” for their daily dose of limes.

Limes have higher contents of sugar and acids than lemons do and limes are much enjoyed in favorite cocktails like the margarita and the gimlet. Most guacamole recipes also call for lime juice; so, grab some warm tortilla chips, some creamy guac, and a cold, slushy margarita with salt around the rim, and celebrate with this LIME glass bead creation. Just like the fruit, our LIME bead adds color, zest, and delicious flavor to your bracelet. Cheers!


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