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Cheeseburger (Retired) - last piece

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Welcome to Summer! A hot day in the park with a gingham blanket tossed over a freshly mown lawn and a view of the city, at a much of a distance as you can manage. This is all you need for a lazy weekend picnic in nature to rejuvenate yourself for the week to come.

Scanning the skies, devoid of clouds, so clear it’s as if you can see forever. But first, make sure someone stops on the way to grab everyone’s blended coffee frappe order. To keep you cool and give you a boost of energy for that volleyball game to come. Afterward, you stashed some mason jars of cold brew in the cooler with a bag of ice, and all the fixin’s for the meal to come, burgers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, zingy mustard, ketchup, and bacon!

As the afternoon cools, and the game ends without a winner because winning wasn’t the point, are you now craving something hot, juicy, dripping, and oh so satisfying? While the coals heat up, grab a snack of some fresh slices of watermelon.

Is there anything quite so decadent, mouth-pleasing, and perfect as a freshly grilled burger? A burger this fresh can stand up to all that is piled on ... and of course rich, oozing, melted cheese.

Your mouth is watering right now, isn’t it? BBQ up those burgers, garden or otherwise, smother them in melting cheese and perhaps toss some potatoes on the coals to bake for a sunset meal before heading home. Or did you do that ahead of time? Do you have some fresh potato salad in that basket of yours? You cheeky devil. Mmmm, did someone say deviled eggs?

This is a sensual, delight at its finest with a warm, happy, contented feeling inside afterward. Yes indeed, the picnic in the park will be having you sighing yuOHMyy! Enjoy it while it lasts because next up ... Monday.


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