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Bat Cat - Limited Edition

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It is no secret that cats, in their majestic sovereignty, hold dominion over the world. 

As the solemn arbiter of Halloween's grand theater, BAT CAT assumes the mantle of the official Master of Ceremonies, heralding the commencement of the haunting festivities with a wave of the bat staff. A Harbinger of new beginnings and a clandestine practitioner of the dark arts.  

Adorn this charm during the full moon and witness your bewitching powers reach unprecedented heights. Disciples of the BAT CAT are revered for their exceptional ability to gauge the atmosphere of any given room. They are gifted with the uncanny talent to perceive what others may miss. It is within the cloak of shadows that they perform their most exquisite work.

Steve Ferrera received his BFA from UCSC and his MFA from SJSU both with an emphasis in sculpture. His work crosses many disciplines including film, television, stop motion animation, children’s books, and collectible toys. Often inspired by mythology, religion, cartoons, and make believe, his curious and absurd creatures exist in their own cosmic events, lurking on the fringes of fairy tale and folklore. He lives in Berkeley California with his one-eyed cat.


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