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BEADMAIL NO. 37 Playing Card

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Life unfolds like a deck of playing cards in the grand tapestry of existence, each suit carrying its unique symbolism and narrative. As we delve into the world of cards, it becomes evident that the conflicts within the suits are not mere whimsical disputes but reflections of the intricate stories woven by our perceptions. Alice's path takes her deeper into the rabbit hole to Wonderland, where the cards engage in their peculiar debates. The suits in a deck of cards offer us a profound lesson in self-reflection.

Trace back the origins of the modern deck to ancient tarot, which emerged in the 15th century as a tool for divination and self-discovery. The tarot deck comprises four suits: swords, cups, wands, and coins, each representing different aspects of life. Over time, these suits evolved into the familiar spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds we know today, each carrying symbolism and significance.

The conflict among the suits mirrors our internal struggles in our journey through life. The swords, often associated with intellect and challenges, engage in heated debates with the cups, representing emotions and relationships. Meanwhile, the wands, symbolizing inspiration and creativity, clash with the practicality of the coins. These seemingly external clashes serve as projections of our own internal conflicts and our choices.


Consider the cups, or hearts, the embodiment of emotions and love. In our interpretation of the cards, the hearts may quarrel with the diamonds representing material wealth and earthly pursuits. Yet, upon closer inspection, we realize that the conflict is not between the suits themselves but within our hearts. It reflects the perennial struggle between emotional fulfillment and material success that each grapples with in their unique journey.

Similarly, the clubs and spades engage in a battle between creativity and pragmatism. The clubs, wands, or rods, symbolizing inspiration and innovation, may seem at odds with the spades, swords representing the challenges and hardships of life. However, this conflict is a projection of our struggles to balance our creative aspirations with the world's harsh realities. The suits tell tales that resonate with the universal human experience.


The tarot's influence on the modern deck underscores the timeless nature of the narratives embedded in the suits. As we select a card from the deck, it is not merely chance that dictates our fate but rather a reflection of our own stories. The cards become mirrors, reflecting our fears, desires, and aspirations. Each unveiling, each draw, and each new card joining the spread reveals a chapter in the book of our lives, and our interpretation of the suits shapes the narrative.

The conflict among the suits in a deck of cards is a metaphor for our internal struggles on life's path. The origins of the suits in tarot offer a glimpse into the profound symbolism that transcends time. Much like Alice in Wonderland, the world we inhabit mirrors the reality within ourselves. Through the observation of which card we draw, our own story unfolds, inviting us to explore the depths of our consciousness and embrace the narratives written in the cards of destiny through interpretation.



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