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EU OHMbeads


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Harness your Dragon power now imbued with the extraordinary properties of Bloodstone to amplify your protective shield. Just as the Dragon is known for its strength and resilience, Bloodstone is often considered a protective stone, creating a formidable barrier around the wearer, guarding them from negative energies, harmful influences, and psychic attacks.
Allow Bloodstone to infuse life into your soul. Much like the mythical creature, it acts as a powerful talisman, enabling you to conquer obstacles and fears with unwavering courage and vitality. Moreover, this remarkable gemstone connects you to the Earth's energy, grounding you in the present moment and fostering a sense of balance. It paves the way for inner wisdom and spiritual growth, mirroring the transformative energies of the Year of the Dragon.
The Dragon's intuition and decision-making prowess are yours now, Bloodstone further enhances your own intuitive abilities and sharpens your decision-making skills. This unique power makes it an invaluable companion for those on a quest for deeper self-discovery, guiding you towards a harmonious connection with the universe at this auspicious time.
Keywords: healing, protection, grounding, courage, vitality


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