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Do you know Snugglepot and Cuddlepie? Many Australians do! They are the Gumnut Babies -- tiny naked fantasy creatures wearing gumnut caps -- featured in a series of children's books by May Gibbs in 1918 but still popular today. Their nemesis? The big bad Banksia men, prickly creatures modeled after Australian Banksia cones.

GUMNUTS aren't nuts; they are the fruit of the Australian Eucalyptus tree.

The flower buds and seeds are enclosed within a sealed capsule. A valve at the tip opens to release the waxy, rod-shaped seeds.

As the spaghetti-like stamens expand, they push outward and split away from the bud cap. Since Eucalyptus flowers have no petals, these beautiful blossoms are a fireworks explosion of stamens in pink, red, cream, white, or yellow.

The remaining cap dries into the wooden-like cluster you have seen most often; which little forest creature needs their very own gumnuts cap?

Eucalyptus is one of the most useful trees in the world: paper, fragrances, fuels, insecticides, cough drops, candy, and the Koala finds its leaves quite tasty!

Because Eucalyptus is so resilient against brush fires, the tree and its fruit have come to symbolize survival, strength, protection, transformation, fertility, and spiritual nourishment. OHM celebrates all of these qualities and more with this beautiful GUMNUTS silver cluster dangling from a bail of Eucalyptus leaves.

Wear it on your bracelet as a symbol of your tremendous usefulness and talent in so many areas. Wear it as a symbol of the seeds you sow in life, the protection and strength you offer, or as a sign of your spiritual transformation. Wear it because The GUMNUTS dangle so brilliantly and catch every sunbeam of glittering light. Or wear it ‘cuz you love chubby little Gumnut Babies.

For all these reasons, you'll go nuts for OHM Gumnuts!


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