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Hoppier Froggo - pre order

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Fund Me by @schmoolovesbeads

Takes 4-6 weeks for pre-order 

Hello dear Ohmily! My name is Jiedi (@schmoolovesbeads ) and I hope you can join me in bringing Hoppier Frog to life!

This design represents the wisdom, serenity, and calmness that we can all find when we take a moment to slow down in our day, and take a step back to observe the beauty around us. Just like that - breathe in, breathe out, repeat. Isn't that so much better? This design represents how we can all take a moment to be mindful, no matter how busy we are, and we can all be hoppier frogs when we proceed with our wise mind.

This design means a lot to me as I grow older each year, and I notice how quickly time flies by when we don't slow down and observe the changes around us. I think frogs are perfect for this design because they are often sitting very still, taking in their surroundings. Frogs also undergo a metamorphosis during their lifetime, and that is symbolic of how we all transform over the years, and we all need to learn to accept ourselves for whom we are today, whom we were yesterday, and whom we will become tomorrow.

Wear this froggo proudly on your bracelet or as a pendant dangle, and you will feel hoppier in your daily step!


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