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Mistletoe Wreath

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OHM **Preview** Day: November 22, 2022
OHM **Release** Day: December 1, 2022

Why do we kiss under a sprig of mistletoe? How did such a custom start?
Mistletoe has no roots in the soil, and it remains green in the winter when the leaves of the tree it has made its home have withered, so the ancient Celts regarded mistletoe as a magic blessing from the sun god. The mistletoe shrub was carefully harvested with a golden sickle and never allowed to touch the ground. The sprigs hung over doorways for good luck and protection from evil. Mistletoe was also called "Allheal" and used for healing and improved fertility.
The mistletoe plant is actually a parasite that attaches itself to the branches of a host tree and draws water and nutrients from its host like a bushy little green vampire. The small white berries are also poisonous to humans, though many birds eat the seeds as a food source. So far, this plant doesn't inspire romance or kisses!
The fertility aspect was probably its earliest romantic association. Couples would kiss under the mistletoe at Greek and Roman weddings for good luck and fertility. Enemies would lay down their swords and make peace under the mistletoe. Maidens would put mistletoe under their pillow to dream of their true love and future husband.
OHM has created this graceful and elegant MISTLETOE WREAT in the sinuous style of 1890 Art Nouveau. Several berries dangle with scintillating movement, and your bracelet comes alive with eye-catching dazzle.
You can wear it as a symbol of peace and love, a good luck charm, or perhaps a magical emblem of eternal life and a token of healing and protection. Or you might slyly use it to beckon a sweet holiday kiss!
'Tis the season of love!


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